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Logical Operations CHOICE

Present your business with the best choice in student learning experience:

Global organizations need content flexible enough to meet any chosen training environment, whether in a traditional, virtual, or blended classroom. They also need a solution that puts the spotlight squarely on the learning experience, providing training that is designed for how professionals want to learn today.

CHOICE is our patent-pending configurable learning platform that incorporates Logical Operations’ award-winning training curriculum with an interactive, intuitive digital multi-platform learning experience.

Much more than online classroom content, CHOICE is a unique and innovative digital platform that integrates a combination of modalities that dramatically heighten the learning experience. CHOICE provides the highest caliber of adaptable training programs available anywhere that meet the demands of today’s busy, technology-savvy professionals.

  • Flexible printed content designed for use in traditional, virtual, or blended classroom environments

  • Content available in multiple modalities and accessible on any device for anywhere, anytime student access

  • Configurable content delivery platform for centralized deployment of ANY Internet-based learning tool, scalable to meet future technology demands and resource offerings

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